Vegetarians can be just as healthy as a non-vegetarian.?

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Question by 1234: Vegetarians can be just as healthy as a non-vegetarian.?
I’m a junior in high school, vegetarian and writing a research paper on the pros and how a vegetarian diet is every bit as healthy as a meat eaters diet.

“Vegetarians can be just as healthy as a non-vegetarian” is that a good thesis?

And do you know any sites/resources I can use?
Could you send me links, I’ve gotta be as specific as possible.

Thank you.
Oh and if you could give me links that aren’t .org that’d be better. My teacher doesn’t like us using those.

Best answer:

Answer by Julia S
The ADA, AHA, and Mayo Clinic’s position papers about vegetarianism should be a good place to start.

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