Vegan/vegetarian babies?

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Question by ştąrgązęr: Vegan/vegetarian babies?
I want thoughts, opinions and if any experience with this,
Is it ok to choose to make your child be vegan or vegetarian?
Naturally humans are omnivores, so please tell me your thoughts on the subject, and if you have made the decision to feed your child only vegetarian/vegan why?
I’ve heard vegan babies suffer malnutrition, is this true?
I am trying to change to veg, but don’t think I should make that decision for my 11 mos old son.
To avoid controversy I said humans are naturally omnivores, not carnivores, that would mean our diet consisted of strictly meat, and breast feeding didn’t become optional until the 19th or 20th century, so yes humans are naturally omnivores, while I won’t get into other topics of debate, regarding the ability to digest meat, body functions or organs, but naturally humans are omnivores because we drink breastmilk as infants, because I do not know where that would be relevant in my question to begin with. Thanks! 🙂
@ owlish I already make my own baby food, and he eats lots of fruits veggies and grains, but he has meat at dinner with veggies and grains etc.
And although extreme these are the cases of malnutrition I am talking about

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Answer by Sheila
Whilst I would query your statement that naturally humans are omnivores, there is no need to go into that discussion here.

I am a long term vegetarian with veg husband and two teenagers. Neither child has ever eaten meat and we have no milk and minimal eggs and cheese. Both are very healthy and growing well. When pregnant with my first child, I was regularly asked if I would be feeding him meat. People ask this as they have no concept of vegetarian nutrition, and I can understand their concern but definitely don’t agree with it. Hundreds of generations of Indians have been born, lived and died vegetarian. Indians do eat dairy products, and together with a diet high in plant proteins from pulses and grains, they do get all the necessary nutrients.

As far as vegan children go, there are some issues with vitamin B12 and I’m not sure how they get around that. However, I used to work with a lady who was born and raised a vegan and she was one of the healthiest specimens of a human I’ve ever known!

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