Do we ingest aluminum particulates when drinking coke from a can?

Wednesday,May 29, 2013 @ 05:47

Question by neonstring: Do we ingest aluminum particulates when drinking coke from a can?
I have heard that aluminum may be a contributing agent in causing Alzheimer’s disease, and that if we drink from aluminum cans, that we get aluminum into our system from them.
It seems like this would be pretty easy to test in a laboratory, whether or not there are aluminum particles in the contained beverage. But I have heard or read that the inside of the cans are coated with something. So is this just typical uninformed rumors from the Internets, or is there anything to it?
Hate to sound rude, but I am not really interested in opinions, like “Well I don’t think they would sell them if…” or “Oh yes, I think you get lots of aluminum from it.” I am only interested in facts, not gut feelings or opinions.
Thank you Brian and Everest, for your thoughtful and informed responses. Brian, do you have anything to add regarding Everest’s comments about the coating?

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Answer by shelvedgremlin
It’s a fact that the cola industry controls us through microchips floating in their drinks

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